Current Work of The Myanmar Geosciences Society

According to principles of the MGS, the Society is promoting geosciences discipline and also takes a role in the social events of the Myanmar geoscientists. All Myanmar geologists are welcome to participate in the MGS activities, technically and socially.


Technical Seminars, Paper Reading, and Public Lectures
Collecting and Distribution of Geoscience literature
MGS regularly holds technical seminars on various specialized fields of geosciences, research paper reading sessions, and special talks on various geoscience subjects by noted local and international scientists. MGS collects any geoscience literature, and makes them assessable to its members. Therefore literature, old and new; books, journals, or maps, is all welcome from local or oversea contributors for upgrading the society's library which is more easily accessible for our members.
Research Paper Reading Sessions
MGS Technical Commitees
The MGS holds two paper reading sessions a year, which were enthusiastically attended by its members and other interested scientists. Abstracts of papers read at each session were distributed free to all attendees. Most of these papers are chosen for publication in the MGS journal, and the best paper from among those contributed by young scientists was awarded a cash prize at its Annual Meeting and Banquet at the end of the year.
MGS has organized several technical committees among which Stratigraphic and Tectonic Committees are most active. Both committees are recompiling a geologic map and a tectonic map of the country respectively. MGS encourages its members to follow international stratigraphic practices suitable for Myanmar geology in order to avoid future controversies in stratigraphic nomenclature and practice. Committees on other branches have similarly started their action with well defined objectives.
Revision of Geological Maps of Manmar
MGS Field Trips
The Geologic Map of the entire Myanmar was published in one million-scale in 1977 by the National Stratigraphic Committee for IGCP, which was later followed by its slightly modified versions by other workers. The Society is now in earnest attempt to revise the 1977 publication. Local or overseas contributions in any kind to this project are welcome. So far, the MGS has already made considerable progress in compiling tectonic map of the country, and the first version has already made its appearance in 2007. New geological and tectonic maps of the country will be in digital format.
MGS occasionally conducted field trips to areas of general geological interest or of technical controversy, We have visited Nyaungdon gas well drilling worksite for familiarization of our members with oil and gas branch of geoscience, Zebingyi area to examine newly discovered Devonian units, Zwegabin area for critical evaluation of Permian units, and Myittha area to examine the Sagaing Fault and Ayeyarwady River's possible straight southward course in the recent past. These trips are not only educational but also a get-together just like in the old times! We have plans to see ophiolites and melanges, Dam construction sites etc in near future. Share your experiences with us whenever you are around. You will feel young again!
The MGS Journal
Special Public Lectures
Publication of a journal bi-monthly by the MGS was approved by the Ministry of Information of the Myanmar Government recently, and the journal will make its maiden appearance soon. Papers of high standard, relevant to Myanmar geosciences, and suitable for publication in the MGS journal are welcome. MGS holds at least two special public lecturers, usually advertised in local news papers for the event in advance. Topics of these lectures are those of general interest related to geosciences. Myanmar geologists abroad are invited to share their experiences with us whenever they happen to be around.
Wazo Robe Offering
Annual Meeting and Banquet
At the beginning of the Buddhist Lent, usually in July, the MGS holds a socio-religious ceremony of Wazo robe offering to venerable monks, which was well attended by its members, their families and invited guests. In fact, it is a mid-year get together social event for the geoscience community. Join this occasion as a family reunion whenever you are around in Yangon. The Annual Meeting and the Banquet of the MGS is usually held in the beginning of every new year with a speech by its president on a geoscience subject, appropriate for the time being, and it was well attended by its members. In fact, it is a very happy occasion for every one of the MGS, for it is a high time to get together with old class-mates, friends and mentors, all at the same occasion. Don't miss it whenever you are around in Yangon. This is indeed a geoscience family reunion!



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This is the LOGO of the first Global Geopark Programme of Myanmar.
“Mount Popa UNESCO Global Geopark”
The project started 9th December 2016 in collaboration with MGS, Department of Forest, Geology Department of Yangon University, DGSE and Hotel and Tourism.